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( Radical Zen Sessions )

Individual sessions, online or face-to-face .


If you feel confused, in depression, angry with the world and with you. If you feel that nothing makes sense, that living is a struggle and you are tired of fighting.

These sessions go straight to the center of all your discomfort. The thoughts, the Mind.


From silence and inner stillness, we enter a space of intimacy in which to confidently open yourself to share your concerns, those situations and events that make you suffer.

A space where you can put your mind outside and question it .

Through that questioning, thoughts lose their power over you, experiencing clarity and peace.


It is like unraveling a skein, the tangled skein of thoughts and emotions. We are stretching the thread of thoughts with simple questions that allow you to get to the root of suffering and free yourself.


We live life and ourselves according to what our thoughts tell us about what reality is and what I am, should or should not be. Our attention is not directed to life itself, it is usually directed to the story that is constantly being told in the mind.

It is very frequent that thoughts are contradicting the reality that is. What generates discomfort, struggle and suffering. To STOP, to acknowledge those thoughts and to question them, "are they  telling me the truth ?" It's a definite step toward ending suffering.

Unmani, coaching personal, autoconocimiento y desarrollo personal, para alcanzar la calma

Coaching to quiet your mind

We begin with a small meditation that allows you to be in the present moment with a calm mind , at peace. This space of inner stillness , presence and relaxation is maintained throughout the session. And through simple questions, it is you who reaches clarity as the layers of false beliefs that hold the true root of the discomfort, stress, suffering and confusion that you experience collapse.

The starting point is you as you are, it is reality as it is. Nothing wrong with you, just a confused mind.


That is my experience and I guide you with simple questions so that you discover yourself, so that you meet

your thoughts and life in peace and harmony .


The body follows the mind . And he is not able to distinguish between "real" reality and "imaginary" reality created by thought .


When a dangerous situation is created or reproduced in the mind , for example, the body activates all natural warning systems. If the situation is not real at that moment, the entire chemical mechanism that has been activated cannot be expressed and what is experienced is a panic or anxiety attack.


It is very important to distinguish what is reality and what is imagination . This is only possible by practicing living moment by moment in presence , with an open mind and in silence here-now .


In my experience, reality is never as cruel as imagination . A painful event happens and it happens. In our imaginations we reproduce that event and suffer it over and over again. And it is no longer real, it only exists in our head.


For me this evidence is good news. I cannot change reality , what happens outside of me, however I can stop imagining , because that is my thought, it is in me.


With these sessions I help you and guide you to experience this clarity . Acknowledging and questioning the thoughts that make you suffer.


I invite you to do an online test session to discover this work that leads you to freedom from suffering .



Differentiating "what is reality and what is imagination"

Information and Free Consultation by Skype Videoconference
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