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Himalaya Meditation Tour

Two trips are scheduled for summer 2021. In July and August we go once more to Ladakh, Indian Tibet.


2020 has changed many things on the planet and in our lives. The Himalaya Meditation Tour trips were canceled due to covid 19, but it will resume in 2021.


Since more than 20 years, I am living, traveling and organizing meditation retreats in this region of the Indian Himalayas.

Ladakhi society is a living example of a Tibetan community in its natural environment, without suffering the restrictions and repression of the Chinese colonization of Tibet.


Ladakh has remained in its Tibetan traditions and culture throughout these years of Chinese occupation of Tibet, thanks to the fact that it was an autonomy that belonged to India when China entered Tibet by force. Since then, the Dalai Lama has resided in Dharamsala, the Indian region of Himachal Pradesh. And Ladakhis have been able to live according to their Tibetan Buddhist traditions freely.


Every summer, the Dalai Lama goes to Ladakh to teach the Ladakhi population who come en masse from all corners of the Himalayas in Ladakh, to meet their teacher, the living Buddha in the figure of the current Dalai Lama.


With this trip I invite you to explore the Silence by traveling and learning about the Tibetan way of life and beliefs of the Ladakhi people. Dissolving ourselves in a pure, wild and spectacularly beautiful nature.


We enter remote valleys, small villages, monasteries lost in the immensity of the mountains. And what is most important to me is a journey to explore the Silence and Peace that is already in you. In your true nature.


Enjoy the video presentation.


You can find all the detailed information of the philosophy, itinerary and dates of the trips for summer 2021 in the link of the Himalaya Meditation Tour website that appears here

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