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Meditation: your true nature

Meditation is your True Nature. The Real Self. Simply Be. Remaining as you are. Natural, Spontaneous, Easy. But when thoughts cross the mind and an effort is made to eliminate them, that effort is generally called "meditation."


In my space, we work with different meditation techniques. Training the mind to stop telling stories. Practicing being with a silent mind, Here-Now.


Active meditations

During the Silence Retreats we practice " active meditations ", using music and dance to loosen the body and mind. We let ourselves be carried away by the music, allowing the dance to happen. Nothing to do. The vibration, the energy runs through your body and dances you. In this way, by abandoning yourself in the dance, emotional blocks are released , generating a void within you. You open up and expand. And  Silence occupies everything.

With music, I guide you to help make this happen. We ended up sitting in total stillness , in complete Silence. Pure and simple Being . Meditation.

meditaciones activas

Stop the mind

And "vipasana meditation" , sitting in silence, in stillness.

During the meditation, you remain motionless. Directing the attention, not to the thoughts that move and change by themselves, nor to the sensations, which also come and go, but to the empty space that remains. What does not move. Simply be.

We use the breath to help the mind to be focused, to help the attention not go behind the flow of thoughts and sensations.

meditacion vipassana

Meditation and hiking

Another meditation technique that I use is "walking in meditation" . We carry out silent retreats in Nature, mostly in the Himalayas and the Pyrenees. In these retreats, in addition to using the techniques described above, we practice "walking consciously", aiming for the mind to be present, open to the moment of life that it is being.

We do hiking trails of varying difficulty, practicing walking in presence, consciously.

Aiming to be fully Here-Now.

The body moves and the mind is Silent.

meditación y senderismo

Free the mind

And the coaching sessions, Radical Zen Sessions, are a type of meditation.

In these sessions we free the mind from stories, questioning thoughts, especially those that make you suffer.

By questioning them, from total honesty and presence, the thoughts lose their power over you, and you experience yourself with a Silent mind.

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