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       Enjoy different formats of Silence Retreats throughout the year.

Silence Retreats

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In this section I present the program of the different Silence Retreats for 2021.


The last few years I am organizing retreats in Nature. In this format I combine indoor meditations, both active and vipassana, with what I call "Meditation in Action". Walk consciously through pure natural environments of spectacular beauty.


The purpose is to learn to practice meditation in our daily life. Practice living moment by moment with a Mind Present, in Silence, with me Here-Now. Practice living moment to moment, Conscious, Real.


By doing routes through Nature in Silence and aiming that our focus of attention is in the moment of life that is being, we are training the mind to stop telling stories and open to what the moment of life presents while the body is in action. The life energy of nature and its beauty, connect us with the Essence that is in us, and help the mind to experience calm.


As we walk, we make stops of 30 or 40 minutes, meditating in the middle of nature. In forests, lakes,

meadows ...

We walk in openness to receive, in a passive attitude, receiving the natural life that is breathed in pure environments.

Dissolving in nature. Nourishing from it. Looking in the mirror of trees, rivers, mountains, birds, rocks ... in this wonderful work of natural art. Abandoning the idea of ​​"I" outside the natural environment through which I move. "I" as an integral part of that living Nature that functions alone.


Weekend retreats are organized, one a month. Retreats of 3-4 days on long weekends, and one week retreats on vacation periods.


In July and August, I organize and guide the Himalaya Meditation Tour.

Events already lived

meditación y senderismo por el parque de aiguestortes y vall de boí
Excursión y meditación al aire libre
Meditar en ruta por los Pirineos
Meditación en acción
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