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Unmani García, coaching meditación zen, retiros en la naturaleza, lograr calma, aumentar conciencia
guía de meditación

Twelve years ago Himalaya Meditation Tour was born that combines meditation work with the richness of traveling through the Himalayas, specifically Ladakh, Indian Tibet.


This way of sharing gives us the possibility to experience and explore our true nature.

in the moment to moment of life.


The two passions of my life, walking in the high mountains, exploring and experiencing the True Nature of Being.


In addition to these wonderful trips through the Himalayas, I have been regularly organizing Silent Retreats in different places in Spain. Combining meditation, dance and mountain hiking. Aiming to be with a Present, Conscious mind in this moment of life that is being. With a silent mind. Awake.

Training the mind to stop telling stories.


The latest projects in this regard have been "Walking the Pyrenees in Meditation"

My parents called me Pilar. My master Osho , Bodi Unmani ,

Sanskrit words that mean " Consciousness beyond Mind ".


I have been traveling in Asia for twenty-seven years.

I was twenty-nine the first time I came to India, and that first trip completely changed my life.

I worked in Barcelona as a biologist. At a certain point feeling incomplete and unsatisfied, I decided to take a year off looking for existential answers. Since then I have lived a nomadic life following the dictates of my heart.


In India I came into contact with meditation at the Osho Ashram in Puna. The practice of Osho's meditations and his teachings showed me that Reality is something more than what thoughts can tell me. I experienced myself completely free and full by simply closing my eyes and remaining still. So easy.

During my travels I have had the great privilege of being in the presence of great teachers, Papaji, Gangaji, Byron Katie, Dalai Lama, Dolano, Neeru, Mooji ..., and I have learned and practiced different meditation techniques.

About seventeen years ago I started working as a meditation guide , mainly in individual sessions but also guiding groups in Silence Retreats.

Guiding you to experience reality with an open mind, present, conscious, without stories or judgments. Guiding you to stop and take a look at yourself. Investigating "Who am I without my story?" ...

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